The Fourth Wine – Chardonnay

The Grape

Chardonnay is the biggest white wine on the planet. It’s a truly noble grape as every region will have some form of it. It is also known as ‘White Burgundy’ after the region it originated in. The grapes can take different tastes depending on the climate they are grown in.

If it’s a warm climate, they become ripe and have tropical apricot flavours, where as if it was a colder climate a more earthy and apple like taste. The wine is very susceptible to oak ageing. A little time in the casks give it a nice flavour it can also easily be over oaked, causing a nasty taste that is why chardonnay fell out of fashion for a while.

The Wine

This time the wine is an Italian Chardonnay by Piemonte, that was part of a dine in for £10 deal from M&S so treating it like it’s less than £5 for a bottle!

It’s very fresh, with a slight bitter taste out the bottle, but after 5 minutes in the air then it softens and you get lovely tropical tastes fruit, especially peaches. Very nice and easy to drink!